Saturday, January 20, 2007

About Us

“Metrosexual desires” in a unique web blog which covers every thing from movies and tv commercials to high-tech and fashion, from web sites and contemporary design to cars and illustrations. We cover every sings thing worth watching. But we are very fastidious, so we don’t write about new phone from Vertu if we don’t like it, even if there are literally four manufactures on the market with the luxury models. At the same time it means that if we write about something we believe that this very object has a superior quality. Our tastes are highly individual, we write as we think without looking back or looking up to anyone. We believe that a true metrosexual is enlightened person interested in many spheres, a person with highest requirements for every thing he uses, person truly free of barriers, and limits of comprehension.

Finally, “Metrosexual desires” is a private independent project. We do accept offers of putting an advertisement on our pages, with one condition – there will be only one (if any) sponsor per month.

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