Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A sheep that wouldn’t run away.

Beautifully made wooden sheep by Thorsten Van Elten with real soft, fluffy sheepskin are a perfect decoration, yet could also be used as stools. Prices vary from £175.00 for the smallest one to the £395.00 for the large, does not require any food or looking after.

New from MDF Italia

During the imm cologne (Cologne, 15-21 January 2007, MDF Italia presented new tables, furniture and a bed. We especially like the INTERSECTION table, though al. new collection is a must see.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Presenting Edlo Kawa photography

Photos should be looked at, not written about, so just go to and look...

Monday, January 29, 2007

PS3 USA campaign

It is not quite new, yet we still adore the style of US campaign Sony had during the PS3 launch. More can be found at:

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Meet Gabrielle Lewin
Ones opened the web site should be a very interesting place to visit, for now we give s short and exclusive sneak peak.

Gabrielle Lewin's design studio is located in
the heart of downtown Manhattan. Lewin's work reflects her commitment to
creating utilitarian and egalitarian objects that are adaptable to
many environments, from youthful apartments to high-end residences.
Her work also featured at Conran's and the MOMA Design Store,

We like the minimalism and absolute clarity in every work we’ve seen.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sport performance meets engineered luxury...

Presenting Porsche Design Sport , a unique collaboration between Porsche Design and Adidas. In 2007 Porsche Design unveils their first sports collection which includes objects of desire for tennis, golf, driving and running. All beautifully designed and crafted. This exiting news makes us wait even for more from Porsche Design, as far as we believe that a company has a great potential for all spheres from gadgets design to fashion.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spring Summer 2007 accessories

In the new Spring Summer 2007 accessories collection from Gucci we fell in love with three objects. One is whole series of writing tools; we especially adore those with minimalist look, Gucci have pens and pencils with different color variations based on one design concept. We quite like the new umbrella, should seem very nice in the rain.

And our last choice is an ice forms with the letter G. We don’t think that the ice looks good forming “G”, but we like the forms themselves.
Check here for writing tools.
And here for umbrella with ice.

Monday, January 22, 2007

ATG (Swedish Horseracing) new campaign.

ATG presents their new branding concept at, new web site features video commercial, behind the scenes, downloads and many more. made by akestam.holst

Her mother was a paper fold, her father was a rocket!

Every time we witness the born of a new dream it excites the most. This one is called the Origami boat, made by Matteo Signorini it is Almost three meters long, carrying one adult per time. It is light, made of latest materials (flat sheets of plastic), it folds to the size of a surfing board extremely comfortable for transportation. It is still a concept, but we can dream, can’t we?

Kinokuniya music books ad.

Created by Leo Burnett, there are different types of buttons variations like "stop" and "pause", yet only play seems logically relevant.

Decorative piece of beauty.

A good candle could be everything - an interior decoration, a gift, a source of light or atmosphere, one thing is for sure a candle lives only when it blazes. Pieces from D. L. & Company are our choice, they have many small objects of desire, and candles are just one of them.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Invisible sound in new places

New sound solution from our beloved Bang & Olufsen. The speaker is called BeoVox 1 and it "is a discreet, in-wall, passive speaker – ideal for extending a Master Link system to new parts of your house or grounds." As always with B&O we have a perfect and minimalist design here. We also have information that we will see new LCD tv sets from B&O pretty soon, BeoVision 8 and BeoVision 9, yet the information is subject to change.

Rendering the time

Nooka has a new web site, finally looks worth the products presented on it, however it didn't give us any new models, but we still love Nooka for exiting design.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

About Us

“Metrosexual desires” in a unique web blog which covers every thing from movies and tv commercials to high-tech and fashion, from web sites and contemporary design to cars and illustrations. We cover every sings thing worth watching. But we are very fastidious, so we don’t write about new phone from Vertu if we don’t like it, even if there are literally four manufactures on the market with the luxury models. At the same time it means that if we write about something we believe that this very object has a superior quality. Our tastes are highly individual, we write as we think without looking back or looking up to anyone. We believe that a true metrosexual is enlightened person interested in many spheres, a person with highest requirements for every thing he uses, person truly free of barriers, and limits of comprehension.

Finally, “Metrosexual desires” is a private independent project. We do accept offers of putting an advertisement on our pages, with one condition – there will be only one (if any) sponsor per month.

BMW Africa surreal commercial

A new hope?

Every time we decide to substitute something old with something new we go though the painful journey with pleasurable ending. It, of course, happens only when we don’t have enough choice or when the choice is endlessly various. Metrosexual desires is about those thing we can add to our wish list for sure, that’s why we exclude every questionable variant without hesitation. We believe that in 2007 we probably should update our mobile phone as one of the accessories. And for know there is no worth device available (we don’t include Japanese market). But there is a hope – a new Neonode to be shown in few days at 3gsm world congress in Barcelona. However we don’t know what it will be…

New Prada & lg phone?

NO! Instead of clumsy made Prada – LG phone we decided to show this elegant brief-case. Picture speaks for itself - a must have.

Few things we adore from Paris spring-summer 2007.

We couldn’t choose much, yet few models did inspire us. What was really pleasant is to see both Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto to show a true Japanese style. They come first in our list with what it seems to be very comfortable clothes.

Issey Miyake

Yohji Yamamoto


Switch Candle

This switch candle is the most inspiring idea we have seen so far. Designed by Korean designer Seungyoub Oh it remains a concept, but doesn’t seem too unrealistic. We probably wouldn't place it in every room but in special places it would look stunning.
The candle has two positions: off – when the main light is on, and lighted when the main light is off, but you can also blow it out like a real one, which sounds like hours of fun.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A must see style at its best...

There are not so many films, movies or anime worth watching, but we have one for sure in 2007, no it is not Transformers... It is AFRO SAMURAI, dynamically groundbreaking video with amazing and very detailed animation style. There is a series released every week on, and a DVD coming later. Afro Samurai is not a deep philosophical epic like Innocence; it is closer to another stylistic bomb – Mezzo Forte, yet with less hentai part.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Forgotten Dreams

Today we remind you of some products and ideas that were terribly forgotten, or never get to actual production, or sometimes went far away from the original concept. Some of them however still have their chance to become real. Some are not forgotten, but there is one thing that unites them all - they are beyond usial products of consumption.

Abolished, rejected and unreleased.


Back in 2005 Sony announced that they closed their series of products under the name of Qualia, at the same time they erased the Aibo. Qualia was pretty uncommon idrea for a mass market company like Sony, they already had different grades of products from high-end to the middle but Qualia stand for ever better design, better quality, for innovation ideas and extraordinary solutions.

It even had a philosophy created by Ken Mogi, its story speaks of first in life experiences, the very moments of surprise and inspiration when you see, touch or drink for example, something haven’t experienced before. Products varied from digital cameras to cd players and tv sets. Qualia had a separated showroom in Tokyo and was very promising concept. A good rival for such companies as B&O, Loewe or Nakamichi.


Long before i-phone and smartphones that was compatible of making calls without giving a headache, there was an amazing concept called Neonode N1, it even went in production, even had an updates, though it was too late, it wasn't interesting at the date of release yet it inspired few year before it. The company even declared its bankruptcy yet called it back later.

Vodafone Japan.

Same as many Japanese companies like KDDI AU Japanese Vodafone had a special collection of mobile phones with a design value above others, yet it couldn't receive enough interest from Japanese consumers and after Vodafone Japan became the Softbank, there was no more "Vodafone Design Concept".

Concepts we may see in future or may not see.

Opus Operis by Jaren Goh.

There is no doubt that we probably will see Opus in few weeks from now but will be the one we were so exited about? There is a big chance that the answer is - NO. The original design was inspiring, had a strong atmosphere, it might have become the first truly luxurious and designers smartphone. Yet the manufacturer decided to make some changes, providing us with more comfort and usability, but less design.

This is how it looks now. Zenum says that it is not final and still may have changes in design, we hope it is true. But for now it seems like they just killed the perfect design making in just another smartphone.

Concepts from KDDI AU.

in 2006 Naoto Fukasawa presented the Infobar 2, few years ago Media Skin was just another concept like Infobar today, so we hope that this aesthetic piece of technology will see the light of a day.
They also have another new concepts, yet they don’t seem like making it into reality.

Forgotten Epitomes.

Telit G80.

Designed by Giurgiaro DesignTelit G80 is one extraordinary phone, it is another story of a concept that made it without being simplified for the markets needs. Targeted as true luxury it was available for sale. Some lucky individuals can try to find it even today. Not in brand new condition we guess.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Media Skin by Tokujin Yoshioka

KDDI AU has released one of the most beautiful mobile phones ever. The Media Skin designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and presented to public two years ago is now available. So if you are not in NTT DoCoMo you should probably ignore your previous post and get one fast. We even think this one here is enough reason to drop you NTT DoCoMo contract and migrate to KDDI. They will also probably have a new Infobar 2 from Naoto Fukasawa available.

N703i from NTT DoCoMo

Among new 703 series of mobile phones from NTT DoCoMo there is one that captured our attention. N703imu from NEC reminds its younger brother for GSM networks – e949/L1, yet has much more aesthetic design, animated UI and very nice texture. Available only for Japan.

Monday, January 15, 2007

VAIO WA1 - wireless music solution

Sony has released a new wireless music solution for our homes, actually there are plenty of those, yet this one looks more than nice. It also is semi-portable. It integrates 128 MB of onboard RAM and up to four-hours of battery life so you can store about one CD’s worth of music on it and take the unit with you. In other words not a luxurious high-end, yet a high tech worth looking at. But in spite of this cute thingummy we do remember one thing we would never forgive SONY for…the QUALIA, one of the most inspiring lines of modern product with extraordinary approach, they killed it, bastards.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Issey miyake website

Issey Miyake website has been updated; it is now much more organized and beautiful than before. Web design was made by artless - the most noticeable Japanese design studio, and it is their best project probably. a must see!

Showtime Collection by Hayon Studio

Showtime Collection for BD Ediciones de DiseƱo by Hayon Studio is a home furniture collection inspired on classical MGM musicals. We actually just love the design...
It has various colors but white looks just perfect, with combination of different materials like leather and plastic this collection is something fresh for sure. No words about availability however.

Music for your ears

I don’t like the idea of a bluetooth headset in general, but for some such solution is a must, for them there are literally only two products available – they are: EarSet 2 from B&O and Jawbone pictured. Both stand for high comfort and sound quality. Jawbone also has some color variations like red, silver and of course - black.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A car at its best

Streamliner classic car is an object that proves that in the time of high definition video games, bluray disks and 3G mobile phones simple and traditional toy still inspires no matter how old you are.

available at: for $ 36,90

Our official opinion – iphone

We actually feel like we also should say something about recently much discussed iphone as far as we cover best of the gadgets also. Our official opinion – iphone is not worth it, so you are not going to see it on our pages, we love apple however.

BriefCase M by Porsche

BriefCase M by Porsche Design

is definitely an object of desire, not a new model completely yet the best looking one on the market. It has 2 main compartments: One with zipper pocket; 2 holders for business cards, mobile phone, calculator, writing instruments, etc., 1 large pocket. Back side: Extra pocket.
Dimensions: 43,0 x 30,0 cm
Available colors:brand-orange, orange (pictured), dark brown, black, red, green.