Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Forgotten Dreams

Today we remind you of some products and ideas that were terribly forgotten, or never get to actual production, or sometimes went far away from the original concept. Some of them however still have their chance to become real. Some are not forgotten, but there is one thing that unites them all - they are beyond usial products of consumption.

Abolished, rejected and unreleased.


Back in 2005 Sony announced that they closed their series of products under the name of Qualia, at the same time they erased the Aibo. Qualia was pretty uncommon idrea for a mass market company like Sony, they already had different grades of products from high-end to the middle but Qualia stand for ever better design, better quality, for innovation ideas and extraordinary solutions.

It even had a philosophy created by Ken Mogi, its story speaks of first in life experiences, the very moments of surprise and inspiration when you see, touch or drink for example, something haven’t experienced before. Products varied from digital cameras to cd players and tv sets. Qualia had a separated showroom in Tokyo and was very promising concept. A good rival for such companies as B&O, Loewe or Nakamichi.


Long before i-phone and smartphones that was compatible of making calls without giving a headache, there was an amazing concept called Neonode N1, it even went in production, even had an updates, though it was too late, it wasn't interesting at the date of release yet it inspired few year before it. The company even declared its bankruptcy yet called it back later.

Vodafone Japan.

Same as many Japanese companies like KDDI AU Japanese Vodafone had a special collection of mobile phones with a design value above others, yet it couldn't receive enough interest from Japanese consumers and after Vodafone Japan became the Softbank, there was no more "Vodafone Design Concept".

Concepts we may see in future or may not see.

Opus Operis by Jaren Goh.

There is no doubt that we probably will see Opus in few weeks from now but will be the one we were so exited about? There is a big chance that the answer is - NO. The original design was inspiring, had a strong atmosphere, it might have become the first truly luxurious and designers smartphone. Yet the manufacturer decided to make some changes, providing us with more comfort and usability, but less design.

This is how it looks now. Zenum says that it is not final and still may have changes in design, we hope it is true. But for now it seems like they just killed the perfect design making in just another smartphone.

Concepts from KDDI AU.

in 2006 Naoto Fukasawa presented the Infobar 2, few years ago Media Skin was just another concept like Infobar today, so we hope that this aesthetic piece of technology will see the light of a day.
They also have another new concepts, yet they don’t seem like making it into reality.

Forgotten Epitomes.

Telit G80.

Designed by Giurgiaro DesignTelit G80 is one extraordinary phone, it is another story of a concept that made it without being simplified for the markets needs. Targeted as true luxury it was available for sale. Some lucky individuals can try to find it even today. Not in brand new condition we guess.

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