Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Entertainment Ceramics

The Entertainment Ceramics by Shigeki Hayashi is a unique and extraordinary interpretation of our life, deep and thoughtful, his installations not only a pleasure for you eyes, they are also a great food for thinking, filled with contradictions and merging characters, they are a story of humanity that one can apprehend in different way, but couldn’t stay indifferent.

What could be better than a Shaun of the dead?

We were shocked and surprised but Hot Fuzz is even better. It is like if you take every single thing we love so much about Shoun and make it more vivid, funny, and provocative, give us more explosions, gun fire, detailed characters and jokes. You know how it usually is, after one brilliant movie the same team fails to make their second one better, lucky if the don’t make it worse, yet exceptions happen. We were laughing out of loud for the whole film, also came to the idea that we were actually watching the best movie ever...

The MIH watch

The new MIH watch
is a nice epitome of minimalism and style. We love watches with only essentials displayed, and before MIH watch our only choice were Issey Miyake Twelve by Naoto Fukasawa and TO by TokujinYoshioka, now we have another model to choose from. MIH watch is designed by Christian Gafner, assembled at international museum of watchmaking – Musee International d’Horlogerie (HIM), price is near 4000 usd, titanium.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meet objects by Frank Buchwald...

What Frank Buchwald creates is much more than a lighting design, he creates worlds. Each component is first made by hand after receiving an order making every Machine Light unique. His latest collection of lamps looks like forgotten dreams of a perfect stylistic balance, they have an incomparable atmosphere and most of all look like the objects that couldn’t be materialized in this reality. . . yet they are more than real being even available for purchase.

Frank Buchwald studied at the University of Arts, Berlin. Then he freelanced as a painter and Illustrator, switched to furniture design, making lots of inspiring objects that we unfortunately couldn’t show here (some information could be found at: ), and since 2002 he works on the lighting objects.

His works have a very salient character, so one couldn’t be mistaken, they all unique, all inspiring and all have that very atmosphere of a fairytale that becomes real right in a blink of your eye.

Refrigerator as a design object

Amadana from Japan presents their new product – the ZK-141 refrigerator, amadana has a wide range of products for living form microwaves and TV sets to kotatsu and air purifiers, even headphones and i-pod cases. There are two things that make them special – the design and a fact they are sold only in Japan. The ZK-141 refrigerator will be available for sale form March 30th in two colors; it has a wooden handle and pure minimalist design. Price is not yet revealed.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The phone

Among the endless amount of different mobile phones we have today, it is almost impossible to find a good and interesting one, yet there is a solution – the PENELOPE SHIBUYA PHONE from hulger. It is quite unique, decorated in Neu Neu - Shibuya-Bling professionals, it is an object of style, also could be a great gift or just a collectors item, no words on the price.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A new vision

Bang & Olufsen presents new 50” plasma HDTV ready display panel - the BeoVision 9 It is truly an hd tv with 4 x HDMI, VGA, DVI-D inputs and project output. It also has 2 USB ports and Ethernet 10/100Mb, built in 250 Gb HDD and a center speaker, but most of all an unsurpassed design. It reminds us of a BeoVision 5, yet it is has much more hi-tech look.

Style, Action, even more.

Smoking Aces has it all, action, style, and most importantly – an unpredictable plot, highest priority here is however the action. We watched this movies few hours ago and we like it, for nicely detailed characters, for a good play, for the style, soundtrack and of course the drive. It is exiting and funny piece you shouldn’t miss.

Gucci's first true flagship

If a flagship store doesn't have its own building it is not so flagship, Gucci now have its first true flagship store with Gucci Ginza right in the center of Tokyo,
it is a 8 story tower composed of two layers of hanging glass panels, designed under the control and inspiration of Frida Giannini it now completes the line of the finest and most exiting stores in Tokyo, such as Apple store or Louis Vuitton.

more infromation can be found at:
GUCCI - Ginza

Saturday, February 10, 2007

For Her

The Ego laptops always were our favorites, yet from January 27th, there is a special - The Ego Love Edition available, making Ego even more perfect present for your soulmate. Inside it has every thing you might want for a today notebook from Bluetooth 2.0 2.0, wi-fi and UMTS to the display of high resolution and crystal clearance.

Friday, February 9, 2007

A way to remember...

We visited MINT museum in november 2006, just few mouths after its opening. It is a must visit place in Singapore, the most interesting and inspiring one. MINT is a private collection of rare, old and unique toys presented in stylish and contemporary way; it has an atmosphere of attention to every little detail from decoration and furniture around to the very kind and helpful staff. Mint is not just a collection, it is a place to remember those yearly years you were playing with your toys and the world was that simple, MINT is like a time machine, a journey to the place you though you wouldn't have a chance to see again...

Located near the Raffles Hotel, not so far from the city center, MINT museum is as unique as the collection of toys presented there, different from every thing we've ever seen.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The one that inspires.

Presenting Décor 8, a web blog that we love and adore. We haven’t ever seen a blog with so clearly selected content, where every article is interesting, every illustration inspires. Décor 8 stands for interior design and furniture of high quality design, yet one can find much more reading it. It could be a useful tool for professionals, an inspiration source for a designer of any sphere; finally it is just a pleasure to read. It also has a flickr pool so some photos are available in high resolution.

Monday, February 5, 2007

For those who prefer tea over coffee.

A perfect tea set solution is hard to find, after some time spent on searching we came up to the conclusion that the perfect one is a combination of many. However we do not give any recommendations on what tea you should drink, it is very personal and moreover very hard to stick with something particular. We also like coffee so next time we probably show objects of desire for coffee lovers.

We took Haros / TEBE mugs from Magppie as an ultimate cup. Available at (Korea), we also came across Magppie products in many design shops in Japan and Europe, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

Next step was to find a tea infuser. We like to brew tea in a cup instead of a pot, yet sometimes there are two persons, so a set would be just great, and we managed to find it, our choice is Alessi Bauhaus, it goes for approximately 200 usd.

Yet there are others, for those who doesn’t quite like minimalism we found this one, shaped like a shell with lots of details it is, as we suppose, a collectors item, priced near 1000 usd. More information could be found at

We also like this one. The price is near 100 usd.

Music From And Inspired By The Motion Pictures

It is a pretty rare thing when a sound track is as beautiful as the movie itself. Yet there are some, Afro Samurai the Soundtrack is one of them. Available from January 31st. Appearances by: RZA, BIG daddy kane, Q-TIP, Talib Kweli and more. It is a cd of uncompromised quality, with every single track worth it. What we are now looking forward to is a game Samuel L. Jackson promised one day in the interview. It is Namco who stands behind its future creation, yet we haven’t seen a single screen shot.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

New line...

Nakamichi presents new line of in car audio systems, including subwoofers, speaker sets and more. Incar entertainment was Nakamichi’s most prior course for last few years, however they also released brilliant sound systems for home like Sound Space 5, Nakamichi is now has headquarters in Singapore and inspire of still having a brilliant design is no more the old Japanese Nakamichi the inventor of first tape recorders.

Imagine wire frames.

Now imagine them being real pieces of furniture. Thomas Raschke can help you if you fail. Back in 2001 he presented that brilliant concept in Berlin, yet after six years it still inspires and excites. Moreover it is very sad that we don’t see this idea reborn in any actual products. May be some day…

Ball Fireman Skylab edition

New watch from Ball comes in a very beautiful wooden box with a small model of the Skylab space station. We don't like the watch however :)