Thursday, March 25, 2010

Designer of the week - Noritaka Tatehana

What we adore the most in the works of Noritaka Tatehana, is not one but two things (much more to tell the truth), first is a very clearly communicated wafuku feeling, and when we say wafuku we do not mean Japanese classical clothing we mean much more, an essence behind, a warm feeling and the taste of a bitter tea if you wish. Second is the perfect balance in colors and patterns, we haven’t seen such beautiful combination for quite some time. We strictly recommend checking flickr for some nice resolution photos.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Philips Pixel Precise HD semi-viral promo by Alberto Mielgo

女孩陰毛 by Alberto Mielgo from alberto mielgo on Vimeo.

Philips is known for collaborations with directors like Wong Kar Wai (Aurea promo), but this time decided to go a bit viral and provocative with a new short from Alberto Mielgo. Clip was already very successful among online viewers.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Masatsugu Nagasoe for DoCoMo

Inspirations are timeless as well as the good design is. In this particular case we are looking at NTT DoCoMo Direct Menu UI design from 2008 – a collaboration with Masatsugu Nagasoe, mainly known as a Video director with some exiting music videos like this one. As you can see from the video clip above (may take some time to open) this collaboration brings a very graphically stunning design to the phones interface, at the end it all comes to the links list, which is not very exiting but we would still love to see graphics like those to appear more often on the phones of manufacturers like Nokia or Samsung.

Friday, March 12, 2010

NAWLZ The story continues

After almost a year or waiting and anticipation, one of the best novels of 2009 and a second to none experiment in interactive medium - NAWLZ, finds its continuation in episode two.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Castle of Cake

Umbrella Adventure is a hand-drawn platformer from 2009, is now seeing its update and improvement, while remaining completely free. Not even an IGF finalist, we find this game quite underrated, as it would be quite fair to call the best pc platformer of the 2009 as it is that very rare kind of game nicely filled with love and warmth of creators touch.Download from here (PC - Windows)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Celsius X VI II has today unveiled another part of their teaser campaign regarding a yet to be shown cell phone, we are promised a very steampunk looking device, with a price tag quite usual for high level jewelry market and thus not so common for cell phones. We however have two secrets to tell you, first - a steampunk styled and engineered cell phone can be made and designed with the street price as low as a thousand euro, or even less, it is just that none has jumped on that train yet, second one is more exiting – the so called Nokia Erdos, canceled and almost forgotten 8800 line phone from 2009 is to be reincarnated in a new model this year, featuring S60 and few more similarities with Erdos we will let you know about soon.

UPD: Finally we saw some photos of the phone… one word – uninspiring.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two flash pieces you may have missed…

Torikago (on the right) & Walk Cursor (on the left)
Sometimes there are things that escape the radar, while remaining extremely interesting end refreshing and we have two of such. One comes from the creator of a world renowned web campaign for Weave Toshi - Qubibi called Torikago, it is an interactive journey / surrealistic experience, very artistic and unfortunately quite short. Second one – Walk Cursor is this year’s winner of 1 Click Award – a yearly competition built around the concept to surprise and touch visitors using only mouse click (and sometimes movement) as a medium. Both are must see...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Radwimps - Setsuna Rensa

Marriage of a beautiful music and stunning, abstract video is the reason we are featuring this video today. The clip is not exactly new, and definitely the video quality could be at least three times better…

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Designer of the week - Mayumi Torio.

Today we start a new column and while it is called designer of the week, it is more of a discovery of a week in a sense, and actually it is not going to be a weekly thing at all. Confused? We are confused too.

Any way meet Mayumi Torio – a Tokyo based fashion designer, whose wool flared skirt from 2009-10 A/W collection completely carried us away. We first of all adore the minimalism and simplicity of almost architectural forms found in many of her works, and yet the skirt reminds us of a spaceship, now spaceship it may not be, but we love it. Who would wonder that this item is sold out.

click photo for quite a high-res.

A lighted up love story...

tokyoglow-low from Nathan Johnston on Vimeo.