Monday, March 8, 2010

Celsius X VI II has today unveiled another part of their teaser campaign regarding a yet to be shown cell phone, we are promised a very steampunk looking device, with a price tag quite usual for high level jewelry market and thus not so common for cell phones. We however have two secrets to tell you, first - a steampunk styled and engineered cell phone can be made and designed with the street price as low as a thousand euro, or even less, it is just that none has jumped on that train yet, second one is more exiting – the so called Nokia Erdos, canceled and almost forgotten 8800 line phone from 2009 is to be reincarnated in a new model this year, featuring S60 and few more similarities with Erdos we will let you know about soon.

UPD: Finally we saw some photos of the phone… one word – uninspiring.

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Sam said...

When is this phone coming out?? Can you uplaod the pics of Nokia Erdos??